Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I LOVE The Chronicles of Narnia. The books, not the movies (I've seen half of the first movie...one guess as to why I only saw about half of it).
The books are so beautifully written, and elicit every possible emotion in me during the course of reading them. I make a point to reread them annually, and the 2010 read has commenced. As I'm reading through it (not in order) I'm enjoying coming across old quotes that I marked and marking new ones again.
I decided while reading to put one of my favorite quotes up from each book as I finish it. I had thought I'd do this daily...umm...daily posting probs won't happen, but I will get these quotes up! And it's difficult choosing just one. The Horse and his Boy had a couple of front-runners, but I'm only doing one.
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  1. One guess, eh? Did you fall asleep, perhaps? ;)