Saturday, September 18, 2010


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As hard as this summer was, I just REALLY love summer! And in two months you'll hear I LOVE fall! And in like 8 months it'll be I LOVE spring! I just really enjoy the season while in it (for the most part. Winter IS missing from the list above. But I am going to learn to love it this year).

What marked this summer the most was weddings. There were so many weddings. And wedding showers. And wedding events. I love weddings, so that was a pretty high mark of the summer. The majority of the pics above are from them.

There are also a number of food pictures above...I do what I love. I made my first (and ultra-tasty) german chocolate cake for my future roommates birthday dinner. It. was. awesome. I also made over 100 homemade sugar cookies for Link one night (too-much? yes. that a problem? no.) The sugar cookie baking resulted in the one pic on the left of me wearing a white belt...but that's not a belt. It's flour. I just forgot to put on an apron while I was baking.

Also making an appearance twice on the collage is my friend Jennie. We hung out one morning in the summer and she mentioned how this job at AFUMC was opening and that I should apply. I did. I'm employed there now. And I'm really thankful. And one night we had a mini-DT reunion (Sarah, you were missed!).

Speaking of the job there are a few pics up there from mac (!!!!) covered in to-do lists (it's how I roll), and the tri-fold display board I made for a ministry fair (hello, science fair). And the salsa jar with a sheet of paper on the bottom? The office had a slight fruit fly problem for a few weeks and the internet (clearly the most reliable source of information) said that that was how one should catch them. It worked surprisingly well!

There are a couple mishap pictures up there too. The water hose picture on the top left was when common-sense abandoned me while I was trying to water plants one And the picture of the back of my head? My pitiful attempt at braiding.

And a couple closing of the first nights at Link I showed up and Sarah K. and I were wearing the same dress-fun! And the picture near the bottom of the blue sky? That's LIGHTENING! I was pumped. I have a new camera now (more on that to come), and I'm looking forward to getting more and better lightening shots.

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  1. I love it! Can I please get a copy of that picture?!?!