Saturday, September 18, 2010

The G's in from Virginia

It was like a mini-reunion for me the weekend Katie and Tony came in from Virginia; I was able to see a lot of my friends from college who I had not seen in a really long time!
Sunday was when we all had to head back to our homes. I went to an incredible church on Sunday morning with some of my friends, and then we all met up for brunch before heading home.
This is Katie and Tony. I'm a big fan of theirs.
This is Ashley and Jonathan; I stayed with them on Saturday night, so I was able to see everyone for longer! Thanks!
Gotta love brick walls for making shots look REALLY good.
Saturday we all gathered in Atlanta. We had a dinner party, games, etc.
And this is the shot that I got.

Katie and Tony arrived in town late on Thursday, and we were able to hang out on Friday after I got off of work. It was so much fun going around and seeing campus with them, walking around downtown, and getting dinner together. This is the birthday cake I made for Katie G. after she and Tony went on to Atlanta. It was delicious, even if the truffles really didn't do what they were supposed to. But that's what happens you buy the wrong ingredient.

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