Saturday, September 18, 2010

iPhone summer wrap-up.

As I have been putting together these collages to do a summer 365 wrap up, I realized I really MISSED posting this project regularly this summer. I have fun doing this. Putting these collages together made me remember a lot of fun moments from the summer that I had forgotten. And life has changed A LOT since May 2010. I have a new job, a new home (in the works, see painting picture below)... as subsequent posts will show, there's a lot of new these days.
This collage is all images that I took on my iPhone because of A) not having a camera around or, B) being too lethargic to go get the camera.
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In the top row is the first piece of furniture that I ever bought for myself, and the tastiest chocolate cake I've ever made (if you request a chocolate cake from me, it'll be this recipe). The big bruise? From getting out of bed. Pathetic? Yes. Obvious? Yes. I had to dodge some questions for a few weeks.

The little dead snake? Fished out of a pool while swimming with Nutan. I had saw it and thought, "oh, it's nothing. Just a spring or something." ?!?!?! Clearly animal identification is not one of my strong suits...

Speaking of Nutan...her and I in GAP. Yes, trying on the same dress. And yes, ultimately buying the same dress. But since we live in different cities, and I wear dresses almost everyday ending in "y" and she doesn't, it's okay.

The short-shorts? I was shorts-shopping with a certain soap-maker in Athens and I had to talk her out of these (just kidding).

The BIG snake in the bottom left? That was one of TWO that was in the garage of a house that I was house-sitting at this summer. And no, I did not get cats (picture above it). Those were some pet-sitting charges. I'm thankful they're declawed.

The steeple-picture and blue office are pictures from my NEW job at Athens First UMC downtown!
I. love. my. job.
More posts to come about it, no doubt. A drawback to working downtown is that I now eat downtown a lot, and am now a 3 minute walk from a Starbucks (and hence the double-fisting picture from Starbucks one day).

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