Sunday, September 26, 2010

An a-game week of shooting. Sorta.

I call this an a-game week of posting because I consistently remembered to do my shot each day. Sorta. Kinda. Read on and see.
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I was told it was hard to capture sky and clouds in pictures when you're shooting on manual and get everything else in the image to look kidding. Sigh.

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As I was preparing for LA's wedding it was necessary to break in my heels for the weekend. Cue cleaning my room in them at 11:30 before going to sleep. It's not like I would wear them to work--I wouldn't make it!

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See! The "sorta!" I got home and realized I needed a picture. I turned out all of the lights in the kitchen and tried a few times to get a picture of a match lighting--fail. So I played around with a candle for a while instead. I don't like this picture (or actually, any of them in this post), but practice is practice.

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