Saturday, May 29, 2010

Petey was hopping like a bunny (or walking with a limp) so he had to have his little self taken to the vet. He's pretty placid about being in the box.

138. No pic!
I don't stay awake for movies. I try really hard too, but I just can't. This is a reason why I don't see movies in the theater--I know I'll probably end up nodding off. However, I stayed awake for this ENTIRE movie. The movie was really interesting. I'm really interested in pregnancy, birth, and child development, so I really enjoyed seeing how it was different amongst four very different cultures. I wasn't terribly shocked by any of it, but it is really wild seeing what you suspect about child-care practices in different countries on screen.

I made cake-pops for my community group dessert. I made them by first baking a 9x13 cake, whipping up some buttercream frosting, crumbling the cake, adding in the frosting, mixing well (I used my hands), rolling pieces into balls, freezing them to make them firmer, melting some chocolate coating, sticking a lollipop stick into each bite, dipping the cake bites into the chocolate, and letting them harden.
Cause a sugar coma? Yes. Delicious? Yes.
I got the idea from, and I can't imagine taking the time to decorate them like she does!

This is from the book "Suburban Safari." I thought it was interesting that they expounded about the font used in the book.

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  1. I love when books include a colophon that tells you all about the type used. I think the Harry Potter books have those too. :)