Monday, May 17, 2010

Last work week at Wesley


An art-student at work exited on Friday night, and her show was incredible. I'm frequently blown away by her talent. I did not get a single good-shot of either the "emergence" sign or any of her work, but I did get this shot of an advertisement for another exit show. It's so fun to be in Athens in the spring--there are so many exit shows and final recitals!


I really like the potential in this picture, that there is both a bloom already fully open, and another not even blooming. Just a sweet little visual.


My friend Ashley came up for a service, and I was blessed to have some catch-up time with her pre-Wesley.

I'm pretty sure I took a picture this day, but I forgot what it was. I am definitely not following through with the idea of making a "last" list for each day. That's not where I want to dwell. And I can always open up iCal to see what my week was like.

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