Saturday, May 29, 2010


I read a book called "Suburban Safari" this summer and accordingly, I am hyper aware of most everything associated with lawns and water now. This is a view of the pond at a park in Athens. I'm pretty sure water isn't supposed to be metallic.

I went out to the most amazing farmhouse for a dinner. What made it so amazing? Renovations. This house had all of the charm and quirks of an old farmhouse (it was really old), which means it had so many of the original designs elements in place still; interesting floor-plan, old brick, et cetera. Added to that though, were tasteful and functional additions which kept with the feel of the home that opened up the space (old farmhouses tend to be small) and filled it with light, made it more user-friendly (aka the extra room), and importantly, made the bathrooms and kitchen modern. It's like one of my dream homes (the other would be a beach house).
Beautiful old features, abundant sunlight, and with high-functional appliances...check.
P.S. That isn't the farmhouse in the pic. This is one of the views as you walk outside.

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  1. Fun! What are you going to use the fabric for?