Wednesday, May 15, 2013

THE summer fun list.

With the start of every season, it seems that Pinterest becomes laden with seasonal "to-do" lists.  I always get really into the seasonal spirit looking at these lists, but then reality hits.  These lists, while full of fun & exciting things, all seem to require that you:
  • Do not have a job (to have time to do all the things on the list)
  • Have money without having a job (to pay for the things to do on the list, which kinda negates the first bullet point)
  • Have children to do these things with
I have a job, and in the summer I have the same amount of time as spring, fall and winter.  Yesterday at lunch after seeing some of the aforementioned (very cute, don't get me wrong.  I'm not a list Scrooge) lists, I had the epiphany to make a summer-fun list with my friend Erika that was a bit more reasonable.

So I give you this:
the budget-friendly SUMMER FUN bucket list for 20-something, child-free, spouse-optional, 9-5 job holding people.

Doesn't it look SO FUN??!!??  Here's to an exciting, intentional, and FUN Summer 2013.

In case you're having trouble viewing the .jpeg, this list has fun things like:

eat fro-yo for lunch
try 7 new beers
eat at a rooftop restaurant
go to a farmer’s market
have a picnic
attend an outdoor concert
go to a yard sale
go to a baseball game
go swimming
go kayaking
eat strawberry shortcake
make homemade popsicles
have a game night
grill out
learn to craft a new adult beverage
get a pedicure
see fireworks
pick berries
go fishing
ride a bike
practice dSLR photography
try a new summer fashion trend


  1. I love it, Diana! Also, in the spirit of the post,I pinned it. Pinterst needs your list.
    I also love you and hope you are doing well.

  2. This is the best list ever! Whoever made it must be sooooo smart!!