Monday, May 27, 2013

best weekend | may 2013

Y'all.  This weekend could NOT have been better.  I mean one, any weekend that has 3 days already is set up to be a good one.

was just excellent.  I yard-sailed with a friend, did a good run, and had a really fun afternoon & evening.

rivaled Saturday on the fun-o-meter.  Great morning, followed by the sweet treat of seeing my favorite G's from Tennessee,

before hosting a Mary Kay party for my newest & favorite Mary Kay consultant, Rebekah (if you need MK, you should contact her.  She's wonderful!).  After the party Rebekah came back over and I made dinner and we played a game.

I woke up 4-stinking-30. And again at 5.  And once more at 5:15.  And lastly at 6 before sleeping till 7ish.  Apparently as I was falling asleep on Saturday night I set every single running alarm I had, instead of just the one I needed for 6:30.  Anyways, I had some morning time, did a 7-mile run with the fabulous Endomondo app (you should get it!  It's free and fun!  Thanks Erika for the heads up!),

 cleaned up around home, went to the pool (shade),

and went to an amazing cookout for dinner.  Now getting ready for the week (AKA, waiting for my laundry to dry.  Refrigerator oats are donesies) and off to bed, ready for a four day week!


  1. Wait, why didn't you 'friend' me on Endomondo, then? Coming upstairs to discuss this with you. Also, what'd you do Saturday night and Sunday morning that was so fun, hmmmm???? ;)

  2. This sounds like a great weekend, I love garage sales!