Friday, May 17, 2013

HF4F | May 17

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1.  Carrot soup.
Poor roommate.  I monopolize most-everything-in-the-house the freezer space, and I had a couple bags of carrots taking up a ton of space.  I decided it was time to start eating through the food in my freezer and whipped up this beauty.  I boiled potatoes & carrots in chicken broth, cooked garlic and onions, pureed all that in the blender, added some spices, and donesies.  And delicious, omg.

2.  Dinner with this gal
Love catching up with my favorite Brookie!  While my meal was disappointing, the beer and company were not.

3.  Packing up the Honda
I really should put it onto my resume somehow how extremely skilled I am in packing up my petite-car with too-big Sam's trips.  That load there--a cake walk.  And no, that wasn't all for me--I was shopping for work.

4.  Staff time this week
I'm real glad I didn't over think it, but the Sam's trip was for work because we served a community meal for those in need on Thursday (hence the cute staff shirt I styled with the most unflattering skirt I own and scarf) and after all was said and done, I became terrified that I didn't buy enough food (I'm a chronic over-buyer for food for events).  Again, glad I didn't over think it because I ALWAYS buy TOO much, and there was plenty.

*And I forgot to upload the picture, but we celebrated one of our birthdays this week with a coffee party, and that's always a good time.

5.  the Summer Bucket List
Have you seen it?  Pinned it?  Because it's awesome.

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  1. This sounds like a great week and I love these posts :) I've heard carrot soup is great, I'll really have to try it.