Monday, May 27, 2013

summer fun list, check in number one

I'm making progress on the summer-fun list.  I am up to trying 4 beers (let's be honest.  This is an easy one--out at dinner, order a new one, another notch on the list), and I had a delightful morning of yard-saling on Saturday.   And speaking of yard-saling, anyone planning one soon please heed this simple note--use.  good.  and clear.  signage.  Oh my stars!  If I can easily find your yard-sale I arrive in a better mood, which usually makes me more inclined to look, which may lead to a purchase.  Just saying.  The friend who I was yard-saling with hit GOLD--vintage handbags, jewelry, napkins, dishes...I was SO excited for her!  Oh yeah.  Going shopping with me is like going shopping with a cheer-leader.  I'm probably going to get pretty thrilled about your purchases with you.

Look at my finds so far this season!

Solid wood bar stools:  $10/set

Dresser for the guest room!

Bed for the guest room!  (My guest room is going to have a bed frame and I still will not, ha ha!)

Cut glass bowl

And I've found a few picture frames and a necklace.  I'm exercising incredible self-control this season and not just getting it if I really like it and it's at a good price.  It has to have a home and purpose!  For instance, one yardsale had a ton of vintage cloth napkins at LOW prices.  I love cloth napkins.  But I walked away because I knew that they were just not something I needed.  Clearly, I'm still proud of myself.  :)

Bestie has started a new job in NYC, and we have taken to sending each other a photo of our outfit each morning.  It's definitely a fun way to start each morning with, especially since she lives a few too many states away and I don't get to see her nearly often enough.  I'm having a ton of fun starting the day this way!  Here are my looks from the past week--

My observations:
  • I did not wear trousers once last week.  I consider that a pretty good week.  :)
  • So, the pink skirt.  I was trying to smooth it out and the steamer wasn't cutting it.  I pulled out the iron and was working on it and the next thing I know the skirt is melting to the iron.  Boo!  Fortunately the pattern hides the gaping holes I made.
  • I think I have to get rid of the blue dress with green cardigan.  Good problem, it's too big.  But, it's a jersey knit dress that is one of my favorites.  Whine whine, into the swap party pile you'll go.
  • I realized on Friday that I needed to vary putting my hand on my hip.  Less back-ache pose for me!

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  1. Love that yall are sending pictures every morning-- what a fun start to the day!!