Sunday, May 12, 2013

a complete lack of photos.

That's what has been lacking in my life this week--photos!  I had a mostly fantastic week, full of good food, thought-out outfits, a time-intensive craft project, and excellent people.  And the only blog-fodder photo I have is a picture of a ankle and foot all bloody from falling in a parking lot (that I won't share with you.  That was reserved for sending to Nutan.)

Good Food!
Tiff said this week on Thursday, "you've been quite the Betty Crocker this week."
This week for various dinners and people I made:

  • Peach cobbler (with peaches frozen from last season, YES.)
  • Two huge and delightful salads (favorite salad trick...just add fruit in some capacity.  It instantly elevates the quality and presentation of your salad).
  • Refrigerator oatmeal
  • "Healthy" shakes (ice cubes, unsweetened cocoa powder, a frozen banana, and milk)
  • Chick pea burgers
  • Israeli couscous (potentially the best grain I've ever had)
  • Praline blondies
  • Mediterranean roasted vegetables
  • French toast casserole
See, tastiness!

Thought-out Outfits
For me, I consider a thought-out outfit to be one that includes:
  • Jewelry
  • A scarf
  • Actually done hair.  
Y'all, I did that EVERYDAY last week.  I even pulled out a blazer with bermudas on Friday.  I was pretty proud of that one.

Time-Intensive Craft Project
A friend is going to Africa for 7 months (Idon'twanttotalkaboutit), and for her I asked friends to send me scripture, funnies, and encouragement, and put them on stickers, and put them on a calendar for everyday for a month.  It involved photos, washi tape, scrapbook paper...happy.  But probably not pinterest worthy.  ;)

Excellent People
Friends from Scotland!  Dinners!  Nutan from NYC!  Z!  

And all I have to show from these sweet times is a bloody foot.

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