Sunday, August 26, 2012

Purple Wedding Shower

My friends Alison and Elise said it best yesterday, "southern women throw the best showers."  It's true!  They're so fun!  This weekend I was part of throwing a shower for my dear friend Kelli with some of my dear friends and it was a fun & pretty party!

The details

Purple wedding shower?  Purple is one of Kel's wedding colors, so I found invites with purple.  From there we found some purple napkins and rolled them (and they looked like rose buds, accidental bonus!) and I made a banner with their names on purple paper.  There were also some purple tulips on the food table.

Guests & Presents


*Missing Mary R! :(

I can't wait for Skelli and Keth's November wedding!
**Skelli and Keth.  That came out of my mouth one day when trying to talk about them, and occasionally it comes back into play.  Fortunately I didn't put that on their banner I made for the shower, or their guest book...I don't think.

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