Monday, August 13, 2012

time flies

...if you're having fun or not.  I try to keep Monday's as a "work-night" and work on all the other things that I want to accomplish/get ahead on/et cetera for the week.

Tonight I had lofty ambitions to:

  • Get done with school work
  • Finish some birthday cards
  • Start some drafts for a couple publications for church
  • Update an online calendar
  • Grocery shop

What I've done:

  • Gone to AT&T and Peach Mac to have my phone looked at, to be told that some g-mail accounts are just experiencing trouble right now (yay my phone's not broken!)
  • Finished some birthday cards (*all belated)
  • Grocery shopped

All the home-work things?  Bah ha ha.

Today at work we had our long-range planning meeting, where dates start to be set for January-August 2013.  I'm thinking about that tonight, especially in light of how fast this evening has slipped away from me.  How do I expect my life to be different in January 2013?  Not employment status or anything, but what new things do I hope to be walking in?  How will my dear relationships that I have now have gone deeper?  What skills (aka photoshop) will I pick up?  Will I be hitting consistent mileage on runs?  There is a song in Tangled (if you haven't seen this movie yet, call me.  We'll fix that real fast.) that goes "waiting on my real life to begin."  The Lord speaks to me SO much through this movie, and this is a part that really hit home.  I'm not waiting, my "real life" has begun.  I'm living it now.

Intentionality is something that is really important to me, and I'm wondering how intentional I'm being right now?  Those things I listed above, and others; I don't want those to slip away.  And I want to push myself to dream more!  Hmm...

but now, I'm off to be intentional with finishing my list above.

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