Monday, August 6, 2012

sesame wave.

It started out as a great idea (though, can't most people say that when describing their worst idea?).

I had a can of tahini,

that had separated.  There was a lot of oil on the top (I hadn't used it in a while).  The paste on the bottom was super hard to stir so I thought, "hey!  I'll get my hand mixer out and use it to mix the oil back into the paste."

ha.  ha.  ha.

The thought did run through my head, "hold onto the can tightly."  But I didn't.  The second I turned the mixer on the can started spinning and the oil started spraying.

As in, it made it a full 360.

My rooms said I made a sound like I lost a finger or something.  Then there was silence as I stood frozen in a sea of sesame oil.  I had to throw away my dress and shirt--they were soaked.  Pulled out the mop.  Washed the rugs.  Cleaned all the cabinet fronts.  Scrubbed the counters.  Now please, let's not glass half-full this and say, "you got to clean your kitchen!"  It's my kitchen.  It WAS clean.  I had even deep cleaned prior to roomie moving in, AND we had a brunch on Saturday--the mop was still outside air drying from the last time I used it!

It was only about a 20 minute delay (and then I got back in the game later when I bent down against a random corner to pick up something and my second dress of the night came up oil stained; cue another scrub down), and I can still perfectly picture the oil flying out of the can.  Haha!

When we (finally) got to eating dinner, Tiff asked me, "so what's been your worst kitchen disaster?"  "That," was my answer.

What was I needing tahini for?  To go into greek yogurt for some sauce for one of the best dinners ever--chick pea patties.  OMG.  If you like chickpeas you should make
How I make them:
-I sautee about a half an onion with a load of garlic, cumin, oregano, salt & pepper in a bit of olive oil.  Let cool a bit.
-In a food processor add around 2 tbsp. of flour, a can of chickpeas, an egg, flat leaf parsley, and the onion.  Pulse.
-In a skillet (I use the same one I used for the onion) get a wee-bit of olive oil heating up.
-Form the chickpea mixture into patties, and put in the warmed-up skillet.  One can makes about 4 patties.  I cook them on medium/low for a while, flip a couple times till there is a bit of a crust, and top with the yogurt/tahini mixture and cucumbers.  And inhale.

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