Sunday, August 5, 2012

ON the walls

After a couple of years, there are actual photos and paintings on the walls at home!  And I LOVES it!

Dining Room
A family painting I refer to as "pink lady" is back up in the dining room.  She formerly dwelled where my china cabinet is, but when that came in she had to move.  After living by the floor on the desk (with other pictures and paintings) it's over the buffet and I love it.  Framed on the buffet (all in yard-sale frames) are 2 maps (one a postcard from Scotland, another from a calendar) and a photo I took of foxglove (also from Scotland).
 The mantle!
 One of my FAVORITES!  (please excuse the glare.  All of these pics were taken from my phone.  #lazy).  I am a big fan of the off centered mirror, an idea I got from Pinterest.  The mirror and big vase are all yard sale finds, and the little figures are from Africa travels (both mine and others).  In the little frames are 2 pictures from a friend's home, and the vertical picture is from Scotland.  The large picture is from Israel (thanks Mary!)

Kitchen Decorations
 I picked up this 4 pack of frames on super sale, and didn't do anything with them for a (good-long) while. I have a frame color for each space (my room, white & silver; dining room, gold; living room, brown) so I just needed to find a space for these and the kitchen was what was left.  The frames came with the mats (score!), and I picked up craft paper on sale from Michael's (.25/sheet instead of .59!), and went through my recipe box, finding a recipe from my mom, her mom, and her grandmother.  I framed two of my mom's recipes.  If I find one from my paternal grandmother I'll get that up in one of the frames to have all sorts of family on the wall.  There are 2 on each side of the sink (they face each other, if that makes sense).

Oil Painting (next to book shelf)
I scored that beautiful (that you-can't-really-see-from-this-angle/distance) oil painting by the bookshelf at a yardsale for $6.  $6!  When she sold it to me at that price I almost took off running with it to the car.  It's genuine and beautiful and I love it. You can also see the mantle some w/o the glare, and a little shelf an uncle made years ago that I kept in my grips.

I purchased this frame on sale (duh, have you met me?) and got the picture printed (for cheap).  I took the photo on Edisto and it's one of my favorites that I've ever taken.  I purchased 2 of these frames; the other has a picture from the mountains and is across from the oil painting.

I'm loving decorating.  Yard sales are so fun, and I love how most of the pieces I've used have a history to them.


  1. Things look so good!! Love those framed recipes-- such a great idea!

  2. What a great idea to frame the old recipes!