Saturday, September 1, 2012

weekly sampler, last week in august 2012 edition

This week!  This week I...

*Worked!  40 hours spent at work, and thankful for each of them.  I just love the people I get to work with!  We had birthday lunch on Tuesday at Last Resort that I had to miss, but the admin girls celebrated Cookie's birthday on Wednesday at Depalma's which was way fun.  And way good.  (Meatball sandwich with a cucumber/olive/tomato/onion salad on the side).

*Summer is almost over.  SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER.  Since Labor Day is around the corner I wore my white skirt and dress one more time.  I also, after wearing them all summer, managed to spill on each while wearing them.  I am lamenting a bit in heart that summer is almost over, but the temps in the 90s all week calmed my fears that it'll be cold soon.  

*I had 2 nights at home this week without any meetings or obligations (though I could have filled one of them if I had had transportation).  They were really needed!  On one of them I fell asleep at 8:15.  It was marvelous.  

*The car saga update:  my car is still at the doctor, and I've been blessed with the generosity of friends giving me rides and two friends even lending me their car (THANK YOU Brookie and Emily). I should have mine back Tuesday, which will launch me into getting little fixes on it done to get it ready to sell.  GULP.

*One of my besties came home from Africa.

Yes, there were tears, and yes, Dave at work may have been deafened with the screetching that went on upon being reunited.  Thank You, Lord!

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