Tuesday, April 3, 2012

on the job

I try to never take my work home, instead preferring to just work late or come in early. However, there's a lot going on right now and I just found myself going over what I have to get done tomorrow. On the list: build two 3-D hot air balloons and continue to add content to a website. Kinda different sides of the brain to engage! One half the morning will be spent on the ball (remember, I sit on a ball, :D) plucking away at content entry, and the other half will be spent on the floor (possibly near tears) trying to sort out how in the world to make my 3-D balloon look GOOD.

Speaking of work projects, one recently rekindled my desire to sew (which culminated in getting a sewing machine a few weeks ago...project photos to come). I had to design a new bulletin board and I was bent on making a banner. Well, you make pennants with a sewing machine. The dear receptionist brought in her (vintage) machine and I got to sewing!

It's a start. (Oh, and all that space below the banner is going to be full of pictures of, you guessed it, new members).

And one more fun work thing!

I was acknowledged in a book that boss man at work wrote! That's my name under that terrible editing job (or is it?)! I was completely shocked!

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  1. Whoa girl!! You are big time, making it in a book! Awesome!