Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the home-front this week

It's been a pretty quiet week around the home-front (thank You, Lord). My rooommate was retreating this weekend, so that left a quiet weekend of Bountiful Basket pick-up-ing and nesting (in my experience with nesting, it always gets worse before it gets better). Part of nesting was taking care of my new piece of furniture,
Isn't she SO pretty? I love china & table-linens, and this is such a good home for them! I got it at an incredibly good deal at a moving sale, and spent Saturday cleaning and buffing it.
It's about 100 years old (the glass is a little loose so I have to tread lightly with it till I get it fixed/retaped), and has cool things like two of the compartments being bins. Bonus is that it fits in well with the dining room! It still has plenty of space in it too...

On Pinterest I had seen this pin saying that if you put a wooden spoon on a boiling pot of water that it wouldn't boil over. On Saturday while I was cooking I tried this and look!
It worked! Well, mostly. I had put the spoon on and was marveling at it working, so I went and grabbed the camera for these photos. Then, as I was turning around to put my camera up I heard a little sizzle as there was a bit of overflow, but still, nothing in excess. I was impressed!

And my Bountiful Basket this week!

I have made nothing special with it. I made best broccoli and microwaved a potato one night, apples and bananas have gone with breakfast/lunch, I am making a citrus fruit salad and a green salad for school on Thursday, and that's about it. I'm not crazy about the mango (they hurt my teeth), so I'm pondering what to do with them still.

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. That is one beautiful piece of furniture! I love the bins. Its very unusual.

  2. What a gorgeous find! I LOVE it! Can't believe it fits so perfectly on that wall...was truly meant to be :)
    Must admit...I have had similar results with the wooden spoon thing...seemed too good to be true...then it was...but I fear this is mainly due to pilot error on my part...can never seem to boil potatoes without them boiling over...with all that starchy water...yuck.
    Need to find out how to get on that bountiful basket thing! I have been drooling over your posts that include them...thanks for sharing!