Wednesday, April 11, 2012

100 something days

One day this week I checked Facebook and someone had on there how it was the 100th day of 2012. O. M. G. 100 days?!? Time is going by SO fast. I can't really remember January-February, and I'm almost convinced March didn't happen. Sometime in January I crafted with my friend Erika and one craft I did is a Pinterest inspired memory-a-day calendar. I crafted it. Numbered some dates. And didn't touch it after about a week. I think that it is time to start back at it! Oh, and of more. :)

One thing I'm fairly sure I won't forget about these first one hundred days is that one of my best friends moved to New York City this past weekend. It was something I always knew was coming and it finally came. We rendezvoused at the Swan Coach House and ran to do some shopping. Y'all. Swan House. It's lovely. Decor. Food. So fun. I had a salad called the "Cornucopia Chicken Salad" (and yes, when I saw it I first thought of Hunger Games). It was chopped chicken with apples, oranges, craisins, pecans, blue cheese, avacado, and some other goodies on greens. We both can't wait to go back on her visits back south.

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