Friday, April 6, 2012

fun tiers

...I'm off from work today!! FREE day off! I just don't know what to do with myself (actually, I do. I have a list).

But, to-do today. I'm aiming to strike a balance between gotta-do and fun. I was asked a lot last week, "what do you like to do do for fun?" In being asked that, I was forced to realize and articulate what I actually like to do for fun. Doing such was empowering, because it made clearly identify things I really enjoy, and I can choose well how to steward "fun time." I realized I have first-tier fun activities, and second-tier fun activities. My easy top answers are hanging out with people, photography, cooking, and exercising. Second-tier, bargain hunting, crafting, and decorating. So in today's "fun" category I've already exercised, and I have aims of crafting with a friend at some point. And, I do want to spend quality time with my new camera lenses this weekend. I recently purchased the "nifty-fifty" and I'm having a lot of fun with it:

The other is an awesome zoom lens; I just need some things to zoom on.

Happy weekend, and more so, HAPPY EASTER!

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  1. Love the limited depth of field in these! Can't wait to see you tomorrow...and watch you zoom ;)