Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a coating of chemicals

(I acknowledge I may be late getting on this train of thinking, but I'm on it now.)

I'm pretty aware of (most everything) I eat/make/cook. I like knowing where all my ingredients come from, and what all is in my food. Tonight for example-tomato with basalmic vinegar and parmesan, kale that was cooked with garlic and olive oil, corn on the cob with salt, and a baked potato with grated cheddar. I can list all the ingredients, and that makes me happy.

Moving on though, when it comes to products I actually put on me or use, I'm usually in the camp of "what smells best?" (which is a great camp to be in) when it comes to choosing what to buy. But tonight I ran to Target to grab a couple things and as I was perusing the dollar bin I saw some lotion and went to grab it, when the thought in my head of "how many chemicals are in that?" stopped me and sent me away. I then spent way to much time in the body wash isle picking out a body wash (which ended up being the same one I was going in for originally--it smells the best).

I kept thinking about this though. How many products do I use a day that are manufactured somewhere else? I guessed 10, then started counting today's use:
Shampoo. Conditioner. Face wash. Body wash. Moose. Hairspray. Toothpaste. Face moisturizer. Lotion. Deodorant. Laundry detergent. Dryer sheets. Hand soap. Dish soap. Counter spray. Dishwasher tablet. Chap-stick.

17. Not too far off, but still (and I tossed in a couple I used in the past day or so, but definitely still "count," like laundry products). And I know only two of those can be considered to be "all natural" (Thanks Method and Mrs. Meyers). What is making up all those others?

Hmm. I'm going to continue on this for a bit, I think. And for now, stop looking at the Mrs. Meyers site...

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