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I'm suffering from it. It's a condition (I did just google it to be sure it wasn't a real-life, highly unfortunate condition. It's not. The closest hit I got was "Boston Harbor Hotel"which only reinforces my B.H.H.). What is B.H.H.?

Beach. Holiday. Hangover.

I had a brief holiday at the beach last weekend and goodness it was wonderful! I don't think there is ever enough beach time in my life. The first day at the beach (Hilton Head, FYI) Nutan asked me, "would you ever get tired of living here?" I'm glad she was driving, as my head whipped around to stare at her with a dropped jaw. "Have you met me," I replied. No. I love it. I love the ocean air, the atmosphere, the heat, the water, the sand, the seafood...oh gosh.

The recap!

We left Friday (not at 4:00 a.m. as the original plan, but more around 6:something). I woke up checking the weather. We left checking the weather. Storms from Irene were forecast for Friday but clear days on Saturday and Sunday were still predicted. We had an easy back-road drive (with some of the sketchiest sites I've ever seen) and arrived to overcast skies. We checked in early onto our hotel and then raced to a restaurant (grumpiness was fast coming). We went to Salty Dog Cafe and ate our way into a walking food coma (no regrets). We wandered around for a bit and the skies got darker and darker. It'd rain, then stop. Rain, then stop. Nutan and I were visiting a few stores and one of the teen shop girls shared her weather insight with us, "it's supposed to be like this all weekend." I shared with her the forecast we'd been obsessivley checking all week and she goes, "well, locals know the real deal" or something like that. Not appreciated. Nutan and I leave the shop and then it really pours. So we decide to go shopping at the outlets. After being equipped with new make-up and new running shoes (and walking through every store [rain, remember?]) we decide it's time for our next feeding, where we proceed to overeat on hush puppies and she crab soup (my second cup of the day).

See, dark clouds:
You're missing a picture where I'm soaked through. I had gotten a horrible case of the hiccups (the screetching kind) in Marc Jacobs, so I ran to the car to get water, and while in route it began to downpour. By the time I got back to the store, it had stopped. Bleh.

We wake up to...BRIGHT SKIES! BLUE SKIES! The day began with a beach walk/jog, breakfast, and beach time. Beach-beach-beach time. Not too much water time because of some deadly rip currents. Then dinner. And more beach time. And ice cream. And then bed. Pretty tiresome...

Even brighter skies! And hotter! Solo beach jog, breakfast, and beach time! No more rip-current warning, so water time! And, we found a .50 kite at Wal-Mart when we bought our chairs (necessary) that actually got off the ground. Said bye to the beach. Where we were had a changing area so we got changed into travel clothes, packed up, ate-up, and headed home.

My life needs more beach! But as I was driving home on Sunday I was so missing those I love in Athens! And that made coming home more than worth it.

Yay friend!

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