Thursday, August 25, 2011

shenanigans continue.

As mentioned in my prior post, the upstairs crew was attacked by the youth staff with nerf guns. Accordingly, we (Courtney, Katherine, Cookie & I) retaliated.

After they had left for the day, their nerf-gun weaponry somehow found their way into our hands. Weird, no?
We coordinated our stealth wear, and went home to rest up.

The next morning Courtney came in with "the final word" a 12-loader nerf gun. We got our plan ready (entrance, attack, and exit plans). Then it was time. We snuck down...there was crawling to avoid detection...then GO.

See our stealth wear...

And then I accidentally shot boss-man in the face (side-note: having been shot a few times in the face, I can attest that it doesn't hurt [in my experience at least]. It just smarts for a second and mostly just surprises you!).
I already exhibit behavior that can be called "jumpy." That behavior is now amplified in that whenever I hear anything (door open, something fall) I'm jumping and getting ready to duck and cover.

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