Tuesday, August 23, 2011

here's today.

Just one of those days. You know. One of those where by 4:30 p.m. you ask yourself, "what just happened?"

Let's begin at the beginning.
6:20 a.m., out of bed, overslept a wee bit. Remember I have to be at work an hour earlier than normal, and realize I am awake too early to have to be awake for getting to work early, and awake not early enough to exercise. Instead of doing something productive, I hop back in bed to read the news.

6:40, working my way through the U.S. news, see something about a tropical storm. Oh wait, another story. About it being a hurricane. And then the newest story about how it is the first hurricane expected to make U.S. landfall in 3 years, and potentially on the east coast. Gulp. Beach trip this weekend that I've been working towards for weeks (and hoping for for months) is on my mind.

6:50, say a prayer for the areas affected (I'm disappointed at the idea of loosing this vacation, but know there is a lot more at hand), and go to get ready. While getting ready I flashback to a conversation with my travel buddy when we were booking our hotel a few weeks ago:
Nutan, "do you think it'll rain?" Me, "you can't control that, but it'd probably pass quickly anyways."
Now, it's a stinking hurricane.

8:00, get to work. Watch the news blurb on the storm, decide to stop stuffing my feelings, frustrated cry a bit, and carry on. Sorta. I wasn't too perky for a while.

Program planning staff meeting for 2.5 hours. And that was short. (Seriously).
Meeting ends, call hotel to talk about cancellations, work, break for lunch, print and share this hilarious article about printers that I saw on my friend Erika's facebook while at lunch, work, listen to a Nerf gun war outside my office, introduce some of the boss-folks to Pintrest, work.

Hear about the earth-quakin in Virginia and help a boss lady with finding out information about her daughter who goes to UVA.

Participate a little in the nerf gun shenanigans.

Try to work again on the to-do list that hasn't finished itself yet. Decide this is the perfect time to wipe off my desk. See how dusty it is behind the computer monitor and while I'm swiffering the back of the desk, I loose my internet and mouse connection. Literally. I sent those stinkers (routers) flying off the desk. They hit the wall and immediately fell between the wall and my desk (which is about 1,000,387 pounds and unmoveable). I climb on top of my desk (the desk is huge) and I'm getting my arm good and stuck when a coworker comes to my office to tell me she's going to go get some peace and quiet by pulling attendance pads. Did I mention that I'm on top of my desk, stuck against the wall when she comes to tell me this?

Everything gets set back up and I get to working. I have also decided (reflection note, maybe I should have stopped making decisions at this point) to sit on the giant medicine ball instead of my desk chair--it is supposed to be really good for you if you have an office job that requires lots of computer work. Coworker comes back, and a couple other coworkers stop and are talking with me outside my office. I go to pull my hair into a ponytail while we're talking, forget I'm sitting on a freaking ball, completely loose my balance, and go sliding under the (huge) desk. I slid so fast that I am now stuck under my desk. And don't forget that people had been talking to me so I had plenty of witnesses to all of this. Which I was later thankful for, since I was literally STUCK (and their assistance freed me!).

Things settle back down, and I get to copying and get those copies to the folding machine. Stay about an hour late at work, but for all that went on today, completely feel like it's necessary. Go for a walk. Go into Trader Joes hungry and without a grocery list. Leave without a lot of damage done and go home to make savory scones-spinach and cheddar and cheddar and bacon. Get the bacon to frying. Can't find my savory scone recipe. Remember that I've never made savory scones, just savory muffins. Also remember that I don't have spinach. Can't locate an acceptable looking savory scone recipe so I make 50+ cheddar-bacon biscuits.

And here we are.

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  1. hahaha...sounds like a fairly ridiculous day, but at least it ended with biscuits!