Sunday, August 21, 2011

picture bonus

I had some serious camera loving on Friday night, and when I went to put the pictures on my computer I realized that I had more on there than what I thought. Wee!

Roommate has been at her dad's house helping him out for a while, so I've been home alone a lot. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on, it's just a lot quieter than normal (since I'm just reading most evenings). But one night I decided, 'hey, I want to watch a movie!' Then a storm came and knocked out the power. I went to the back wall of windows to check the sky out (because when I went to the front door I got pelted with rain) and I was shocked at the color difference in the sky. The top picture on the right was the right side of the sky, and as I scanned across it went to black.

That being the case, I pulled up the desk chair and watched the lightening for a while.

And then friends came to town:

(And they were back in town again last night. Yay!)

I baked another Joy recipe this month...Mississippi mud cake.

I do not like food that has names that are associated with what I consider gross things (for instance, I hate and will not eat gummy worms because of the "worm" bit. Sick.), but this was a very good exception.

And per mentioned, I had a lot of camera loving this weekend when I had a photo shoot with a family who I just love. I have a ton more photos, but I will leave with this one...

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