Monday, September 26, 2011

a smattering of stories.

This morning I was late to work because I had an acne cyst go bad. Real bad. I spent about 10 minutes running though my house hunting for neosporin before I gave up the search, stuck on a band-aid, and went into work. I fly up the stairs at work and am speed walking into my office when I run into all my coworkers sitting on a bench. They see the band-aid and start laughing. Between giggles one friend goes, "did you get on a treadmill this morning?" They know me well. :) Then I was referenced to the girls on the movie Clueless who apparently covered up blemishes with band-aids. Hah. Hah. And now I'm adding that to my rent list...

Preggo Katherine (the friend in the post below) is quite pregnant and food is always a good conversation. Today at lunch she was talking about food stories with someone else in the office (who has two children). The lady was talking about how one time when she was pregnant she went to cabinet after cabinet to fridge hunting for something to eat, before finally stopping and crying in the middle of her kitchen because she didn't know what she wanted. As others were laughing at this story, I gulped. Minus the crying, I exhibited the EXACT same behavior last night (btw, there is no chance of baby here). I too went between cabinet and fridge and pantry a few times before just standing and thinking in the middle of the kitchen (again, no crying) before settling on my best-food-friend (plain) greek yogurt. Yikes.

This is my friend Julie (and her two girls),
She is amazing. Great wife & mom. Very wise. And hilarious.

Case in point...last night at church this cutie,
her son, came up to me and said, "Ms. Diana, did you make the...cookies on the table with the different colored icings?" Me, "Yeah I did, why?" S. goes, "well would you please give my mom the recipe?" Me, "Does that mean you liked them?" S., "yeah!" (and subtle look back to mom).

Best food compliment ever. And funniest, when I realized that maybe his momma put him up to it. The answer was of course, yes. You think I could say no to that?

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  1. Love it! And am honored to say the least...and...where is that recipe??? ;)