Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 in 4 days

I have gone to (the same) Publix 5 times in 4 days. 5! In 4 days!

Publix trip #1, on Friday to get dinner items ("smallest sirloin in the meat case", bag of spinach leaves, fresh green beans, and blue cheese). Publix trip #2, on Saturday, get items for spinach and artichoke dip in a bread boat (aka a baguette). Publix trip #3, on Saturday, go with a friend to get groceries. Publix trip #4, on Sunday, get items for another spinach and artichoke dip to make for church.

As I menu planned on Sunday night, I realized that I did not have 3 ingredients for the 2 meals I plan to eat off of all week (they are not particularly complex--[1]curried chick peas and [2] roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes). I didn't have any broccoli or sweet potatoes on hand (aka, no meal #2) so I resigned myself to going on Monday after work.

At work part of my job entitles being a "gopher" as I "go for" this and "go for" that at certain times, and as I was heading out the door to run some errands I ran into one of my boss ladies who was headed out too and I volunteered to run her errands. And one of them was to Publix. Haha, fab.

Another food related story...while I was making dip #2 this weekend I was vigorously shaking salt into the bowl. I say vigorously because I use kosher salt, which takes a wee bit of force to get it out of my salt shaker. As I was with one hand shaking salt into the bowl and with the other working on pulling apart the defrosting spinach (and where my gaze was at too) I all of a sudden feel myself covered in something. Something grainy.

The cap on the bottom of the salt shaker had come loose and salt was EVERYWHERE. On the stove behind me. All over the floor. All over the counter. In the KitchenAid bowl. Down my tank-top (and in my bra as I later discovered). One feature of kosher salt is that it is large, so I was able to fish out the bulk of the excess salt from the dip (and it didn't taste salty when done, whew). Raining salt...can cross that off the kitchen-malfunction experience list.


  1. LOL at salt in your bra. I hope you didn't put THAT salt back into the shaker...

  2. Beth Moore had a similar story Saturday. She shakes her milk carton before she gets her milk. The top wasn't on the milk and she covered herself and everything else in milk. Yuk!