Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a mess.

A mess. It's what I was by the end of the day today.

It all started at birthday lunch. Birthday lunch at work is a monthly event where we gather as a staff and go to a restaurant and main boss-man buys lunch for those who had birthdays that month. We tried a new restaurant today...SO good. After lunch a few of us wandered into a new vintage/local shop while wandering (I mean, purposefully striding) back to the office. This fun little shop had fabulous dresses. As that I am a sucker for a full skirt with a pretty neckline, I made a beeline for a polka dot number. And Daynes found, well, something she's been looking for for a while.

The leopard belt was only a bonus.
Pardon my inability to look at a camera in these pictures...there were a number of cell phone photos going on, and the dress didn't quite zip all the way up the side (I'd have to loose some ribs to get it to zip) so I was focusing on not showing my side (and with happened later, that is hilarious now).

We leave the store (without a purchase) and are heading back up to work. We're walking past a glass wall of a restaurant when a wind gust happens. And I mean GUST. Gust to the extent that my dress went flying up before I had a chance to catch it. And you know how when that happens, you can think, well maybe nothing was seen? Well, the aforementioned GLASS WALL let me see me and my underwear's reflection perfectly. In addition to my colleagues reactions who were unfortunantley behind me.

Carrying on, we happen across the King of Pops cart, and we all pick a pop. It was warm, but not to warm today, but this thing melted all over me. I'm getting back to the office with this thing melting down both arms, down my face, and all over my dress. My consolation in this is that Katherine didn't fare so well with hers either. But her outfit wasn't dark navy blue...

Come to the end of the day and you have me: cruising through the office with a large band-aid still across my head, drinking water out of one of those huge hospital mugs, and my dress covered in melted popsicle. A mess.


  1. Awesome story...agree with Mary...the dress is fab! Could it be altered to work?