Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 10.

No theme week this week. I didn't have the attention to detail this week to even attempt it.
Isn't it incredible that it's only week 10 of this year (plus or minus one; I do note that I may have miscounted when looking at the calendar)?! It feels like it's so much later.

Day 63.
Babysitting endeavors included building the best Lego-strucure that I've ever built.

I was really proud of myself. Yes, I know that those are blocks for the under 7 crowd. But I don't care. I built it. It had levels. It didn't fall. And we even added occupants to the "castle" (I didn't call it that, but the child I was babysitting did).

Day 62.
In addition to working at Wesley I work at different jobs throughout the Athens area to raise support. Now, I can say that my working scope extends to Ila, Georgia.

Ila. I don't even know how to say it. One of my regrets is that I didn't have time to snap a pic in their "downtown." Or that I missed a shot of the video store which also offered tanning beds, and maybe even live bait. However, the drive there was incredibly serene. Trees. Lots of trees.

Day 61.
Where I work at is really fun. Seriously. It's one of the "core values." At work today I organized a "Leadership Fun Day," which turned out to be,, for lack of a better word. Also at work today I saw the remaining rocks that were waiting to be adopted, from when the ArtSpeak Ministry painted rocks and sold them as a fundraiser. Yes, you read that right. Rocks were painted, sold, and purchased (or "adopted"). Like I

I call this picture the "rock orphanage"

Day 60.
I wore my most beautiful Christmas present from my dear friend Katie today. I got to the package pretty late at night, and it took all of will-power to not squeal with delight when I opened up this necklace. Katie is incredibly thoughtful in everything, and the purchase of this necklace from Etsy supported funds going to Haiti relief work (Katie also has a shop on Etsy for the incredible handmade books she makes; a link to her blog linenlaidfelt is to the right of this article--I highly recommend checking it out!).

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