Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Part Two


I like to get things done. I really do. And I really like to do things for other people. Mailing packages is one of my faves. But actually getting them to the post office?! Not so easy for me. I don't know why. Case in point: On Saturday I mailed my final Christmas present (which I've had wrapped since before December 25), my friend's birthday card (two weeks late), and my brother's birthday present (only 3 days behind; pretty proud of that one). It's not that I don't have stamps; I just usually pack so much more into the envelope that I have to go have it weighed, buy a mailer, etc. I should probably go start working on my mom's Birthday and Mother's Day gift, so she may actually get it before June.


Forget the magic of Macy's, let's talk about the magic of inventory at Gap. Yes, a 7-midnight shift; what DOESN'T sound magical about that? Kicked off the shift by sizing the women's jean wall (which is more fun than it sounds. Really.), and then counted. Again. And again. And again. Each item in the store had to be counted on each display. Fun, yes? And FYI...on the adult sock displays at Gap there are about 50 pairs or so per row, with about 300-400 per display. Just so you know.

A far, far more appropriate picture from this day would have been from my delightful evening at the Hemingway house, eating dinner with David, Carolyn and their girls (who made dinner so entertaining) and meeting little Meg. But guess who didn't pull out her camera? Yep.

Earlier in the day though, I saw this display of OJ and thought the pattern and colors were fun, so I did grab a pic then.


I really like reusable grocery bags (a lot). They carry SO much weight. And Publix makes pretty ones (seriously).
After taking some with me to South Africa last summer (which proved to be an EXCELLENT idea), I don't plan to travel without them. These in the pic haven't traveled outside Watkinsville yet, but they will!


  1. I'm a big fan of that orange juice photo! And I agree with you about sizing clothes. It's really quite enjoyable. :)

  2. I used to take coffee to Mary when she had the inventory shift... it doesn't sound like much fun.