Tuesday, March 30, 2010

76 & 77. and return from blogger hiatus!

I haven't forgotten about this blog. I just got distracted for awhile. And for the most part I did not forget about picture taking either. With all of the picture taking, it is easy for me to get a bit frustrated. I often times cannot capture the pic that I want to/dream of (my camera is good, but it's not an SLR), and I often fall into the rut of comparison to my friends who are also doing this project.

When I was in that rut a couple days ago I reflected as to why I was even doing this "project", and I remembered that it wasn't only because I want to get intentional practice in framing pictures. I also am challenged to live in the now. I know that every day has something worth remembering. The abundant life that Jesus talked about isn't something that is 5-years down the road when I'm at a different life-stage, or even 5-months from now when (hopefully) all the family drama has simmered down. It's for the living now. I know that if I want to live in the abundant life I need to actively engage in the life that I'm living today. And, I happen to be taking a picture of it each day. Most of the time.

I took the dogs out for Mary who was jet-lagged, and decided to keep them with me so they wouldn't disturb her. I encountered a problem at my bed time when I realized that I only had one bed, and it is most important that a certain red-haired dog stay contained at night time (you may guess the reasons on your own). So a cord-eating, talky, freedom-running Delilah got to sleep in a laundry basket. I think she enjoyed the open-air "kennel."


Sweet-spots. At the Wes, the second years do "sweet-spots." I'm not going to explain it well, but basically the director over us goes through our strengths, our color personality, etc. and then our colleagues talk about what makes an individual uniquely them. I haven't done mine yet, but it has been SO good doing other people's.

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