Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheep, cheep. Theme Week.

This week's theme flew at me...literally. Sunday I took my pic, not really guessing a theme, and carried on with my day. Cue Monday morning. My furry four-legged alarm clocks start going off pretty early and I drag myself out of bed to take them outside. As I'm waiting for them to finish their business I notice two robins chasing a third. Next thing I know two of the three birds come dive bombing at me, which definitely woke me more than coffee, and probably provided some neighborhood entertainment (if you know how jumpy I am, imagine jumpy me groggy with birds literally flying at me). Then, as I was driving to work (praise the Lord for noon start days, and long lunches with good people) I came across a swarm of turkey vultures feasting on a deer (yes, it's as disgusting as it sounds) in the middle of the road. Hence, the bird theme for the week.


During a DT we ran to my house to check on the dogs, and as we were driving back to Wesley I saw these guys.


Just a little bird print at home. I didn't want a picture of feasting vultures for my pic today. You probably don't either.


While I didn't have my theme decided yet, it still fits with my pic. I went to a baby-shower for a kind friend from church and had such a lovely time with some of my church fam. Babyshower...birds...well, there is that rumor storks bring babies...

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