Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katie D!

This is my good friend Katie D.,

the most intense text-messager I know, and today is her BIRTHDAY! Cue birthday post...

During the first semester of our sophomore year of college, Katie studied abroad in Italy. During that time I started hanging out and making friends with a lot of her friends. When she came back I was always around, we started hanging out because of that, and found ourselves being friends. I'm very thankful.

Pictures from every football game that I attended while in college feature my friend Katie. She's definitely a fan...I went along for the company, atmosphere and festiveness. This is especially evident by that I now fall asleep when I try to watch games if I don't bring a book or something with me to do.

College years continued with lots of hanging out, bonding over Grey's, studying at Starbucks and Borders (she was an English/English Ed major), Wednesday-night Wesley, planned adventures (see below), and more. The pic is below is at a Wesley event; we had similar J.Crew dresses, which definitely warranted a photo. Side-note...Katie is one of the most polished dressers that I know (something that I was re-reminded of as I went through my old pictures looking for pics for this).

We would go on planned adventures together when we were juniors, and one of them was exploring Watkinsville. I find that especially funny these days, as I live there now. I would have a pic from that adventure here, but my old PC computer crash took those photos with it. Here are a few more memories...

Road-tripping to Charleston, SC for Spring Break 2007,

Visiting Katie G. in Virginia in Fall 2008 (peak season for leaves, as it turned out),

Summer 2009 we were bridesmaids in our good friend Katie's beautiful and fun wedding:

Katie is incredible! These days she lives in Atlanta, has an extremely multi-faceted teaching job, owns such a sweet dog, and just started grad school. I love getting to visit her!

Happy Birthday, Katie!


  1. Awww! What a sweet post! I loved seeing all of these great photos again. :)

    Happy Birthday, Katie D!!!!

  2. Diana!!!
    This is the best birthday card I have ever received! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for reminding me of so many joyful moments from our friendship. I love it when you visit, too (and so does Mia), so hopefully we can get together really, really soon!

    Love you friend!