Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 8

Haste makes waste. I remember reading that for the first time as a child in an American Girl Book (Felicity was the character). That little motto comes to mind when ever I'm in a hurry working on something. I had about 10 minutes to whip up some frosting, something I thought, "no problem." In my haste, I misread how much vanilla was required for this recipe. Instead of the teaspoon or so, I put a TABLEspoon and a half in it. Oops.

Where's Day 7? Didn't happen. Neither did day 11 or 12.


  1. Oh no! Did it still turn out ok?

  2. It was okay! You could definitely tell it was vanilla buttercream frosting!

    Last week I tried to make waffles, and I put in a half cup of butter instead of two tablespoons. I tried to compensate by adding more flour, but didn't add more baking was bad.