Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 22

I do a lot of "sitting"-home, pet, and child. On Friday evening I was baby-sitting for one of my favorite families. When the little girl suggested playing Monopoly I was quickly on board. Somehow, while playing my brain took a break. Example one--after going around the board once she declared, "we're done!" I said, "no we're not!" She said, "That's how my mommy and daddy play," and I said, "well let's keep going." For almost 45 minutes. Example two--I got beat. Badly. I wasn't playing to let her win. She would land on a square and I'd say, do you want to buy it? And her answer was always yes. During my turns I landed on all of her properties and/or jail with almost every turn. Ever since playing I really want to bust out my monopoly board (Disney edition) and play.

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