Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 15

The color pink. From the ages of 1-5 I would only wear the colors purple, white, and PINK. Insert brief intermission of NO pink whatsoever, and the start of high-school. For a few months I went through a phase of wearing pink shirts. Every day. Seriously. Start college. I was done with pink, or so I thought. Then I found myself slowly accumulating more pink items..a raincoat, crocs, my travel items, et cetera. But the kicker is--I'm not a huge fan of pink. It doesn't look great on me, it's cetera. But then, I got a purse from a dear friend that is very pink and it's one of my faves now. My travel items that are pink can't get lost, which makes me a huge fan of them. I think my pink aversion may just be limited to anything I wear.

On Friday night I was going to play Nertz with some friends, and I was trying to find a deck of cards. The only one I could find was, you guessed it, obnoxiously pink. Unplayable pink really. And hence the inspiration for this post.

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