Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 25

One of my activities while at home was cleaning out closets. When I got to my closet I came across 10 polo shirts from my four year stint at the FFA-FCCLA Camp. 10 unflattering, wool-blanket weight polo shirts. After my fourth summer I counted upwards of forty t-shirts from my summers there. Those featured in the picture were ones taken from the drawer closest to me that I tossed in the pic. I've left FFA camp shirts in Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Costa Rica...and I still have plenty to work with. The polos never traveled with me though. It was great summer after summer having extras on hand, and they took up far too much room and weight in the suitcase to travel. So where did they end up? Goodwill in Hiram. And I have more room in my closet. A win-win situation.

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