Monday, September 1, 2014

A Labor Less Weekend

Well, not really, but that sounded better than a “low key weekend” which was what this one was. I turn into a pumpkin early on Friday nights due to my early Saturday morning runs, so I was fast asleep by 10 or so. Saturday morning I ran 12.8 miles—my furthest distance yet! I contemplated knocking out the additional point 3 to even it out to a half marathon distance but I don’t think my body would have handled it without severe pain. After my run I took advantage of some pool time, before visiting my friend Susan, then again, falling asleep early.

Sunday morning brought with it gym time, groceries (standard order recently: greek yogurt, peanut butter, bananas), website work (for church, not this site), and again, pool time. My mood is so much exponentially brighter (pun not intended, but it works) after having time in the sun and water. I got back home and found myself in a positively GIDDY mood while I was making my (first) green smoothie.

Green smoothie, yep, I (lately) hopped on that trend. I was mixing up a tropical smoothie (frozen mango, frozen banana, coconut water, Greek yogurt, and pineapple juice) and I thought, “what the heck, let’s add some spinach to this operation.” I really enjoyed the green color and couldn’t tell there was any taste difference. I had too heavy of a hand with the spinach on my second one I made on Monday, and while I couldn't really taste it, the spinach smell was overpowering.

I have started taking photos for an Athens fashion blogger-Mz Savvy Style and it is SO much fun. Like, seriously y’all, I’m having a blast. We took photos for about an hour or so on Sunday, 
She's delightful! And I promise--based on my research, not including your face in the shot is a fashion blogger thing to do.
 and then I went to a dear friend’s birthday party.
Those are grilled mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese. Blue cheese makes everything better. Except maybe green smoothies. Eww.

This friends, is why I run. Chocolate-peanut butter cake. 

I always rolled my eyes at these sort of people, but I can confidently say that if I had the time, I would gladly work out twice a day. That said, a work-less Monday morning meant that after I ran my six miles I got to indulge in properly cooling down and then lifting weights for a bit. I had some more pool time and then had much rejoicing with a rookie moving back in this Monday!

I have had a lot of photo work this weekend. I edited Betsie’s photos, edited another photo project (to be shared here soon), and am shooting pictures for church this weekend.

Here’s to the workweek. Cheers.

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