Wednesday, August 27, 2014

a bit about me.

Given that I'm back to blogging, I thought an "About Me" post might be a good re-introduction, then this morning I saw a fun new blogger I'm following do an "About Me" post so I'm blatantly following suit.

(P.S. The blogger is Katie Elizabeth. She blogs from up in Chicago).

Hi, this is me.
I normally don't pose with a water bottle, but a prop was necessary.
My name is Diana Maria. I'm rarely called by both names, but I love it when I am by those I'm close to. I am 28 years old (and share a birthday with my bestie, something that has always delighted us), and I live in Athens, Georgia. I came to Athens for college, and have yet to find a reason to leave. It has truly become home to me.

I do not have any family that I'm related to biologically that lives in the same state as me (or, let's be honest, the same region). Just gives me great reason to travel!
Me and my sweet cousin.
However, I do have incredible friends who have truly become family to me over the years. I'm super blessed to have "Athens parents," and friends who are as close to me as sisters.

I am a Program Assistant...I administratively support seven individuals. It's usually crazy. But it's also a ton of fun and I truly enjoy the work I do (and love the people I work with).

Running, photography, cooking, reading, kayaking, house keeping, and fashion. I like to dabble in crafts, but that's pretty infrequent these days and usually only done seasonally.
I will always, ALWAYS, say yes to a pool day. 
Which is why in the summer I don't tend to cook or craft.
Favorite Food
Oh gosh. I love food. Ieeee...right now I'd have to say peanut butter. Yep. I'm on a MAJOR PB kick these days. And peas. And watermelon. And frozen yogurt. And non-alcoholic pina colada smoothies. I told you I liked food.

Favorite Color
It's hard to choose just one! Can I say a few...gray, black, cream, navy, and pale pink. *If you look in my closet, that is kinda the spectrum you'd see as well.

Standard Coffee Order
Non fru-fru: A black dark roast hot coffee, or iced coffee, no sweetener, no cream. But if I'm feeling the need for something fun (and committed to spending $4 on a coffee drink...) "a grande in a venti cup, double blended coffee frappachino made with skim milk with an add shot of expresso" or "a non-fat, no-foam, no-whip, add an extra shot latte." Seriously. Reading that makes me roll my eyes. But it does make a difference. Promise. And yes, I do love caffeine and have no intentions of ending our relationship anytime soon.

Standard Bar Order
I usually go the mixed drink route at a bar (the mark-up on beer is ridiculous), and lean towards those that are fruity and mixed with rum. I was told once, "there's no way to sound classy ordering a hurricane," but they are my favorite.

Places I Shop
Loft, Gap, J.Crew, and Banana Republic. I tend to only buy shoes that are by Clarks, so wherever they are sold.

Bedtime and Wake-Up Time
I usually wake up by 5:30 a.m., which means I need to be in bed by 9:30/10:00 p.m. at the latest. When I'm really running hard (both physically and with responsibilities) I will often fall asleep the moment I sit still, no matter where I am (I've fallen asleep on the couch sitting straight up twice this week).

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without
The phrase "can't live without" is a little strong to me, but I prefer to not be without:

  • My horrible smelling miracle working prescription sulfur face face has never been clearer.
  • Eyeliner and mascara. (I use a super cheap Maybelline eye liner and Benefit "They're Real" mascara).
  • Lotion...I like retaining the little bit of tan I get from running all the time.
What I Blog About
Me. I've recently decided to give this blog the lens of "life-style" to see what happens from here. Moreso, I really view this blog as a scrapbook, and I really enjoy looking back to see what I've done.

First Blog I Read
Probably Erika's.

How Did I Start Blogging
All my friends were blogging, so I hopped on the bandwagon.  Choo-choo.

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