Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm back?

Hello blogging world, long time no see.  Oops.
I went through a serious phase of not wanting to share ANYTHING at large.  Like, if I didn't Facebook for church I would have deactivated my account already.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty firmly residing in that camp.  I don't like a lot of personal information about me readily available.  I do assume all of you who read this are the most lovely of people and I probably want to hang out with you in "real life." However, I also acknowledge there may be some more unscrupulous individuals who read this that I prefer to not give free fodder of discussion or interest to. 

And then I've been wondering about "direction" and why I even want to write.  I asked myself and was asked by a friend, "why not just keep a journal?"  Well, I do.  But do what I want what is published in that journal available at large?  H-no.  Actually, upon my death I want those journals destroyed if I couldn't take care of it beforehand.  In those journals are mostly spiritual notes and prayers and things intensely personal.  There may be some fun notes about things that blessed or challenged me, but again, my perspective of them and not for the world.
Why then write on this public forum?
I consider myself a pretty decent cook and hostess and good home-keeper (haha, for a single lady with no children or roommate, not that hard) but I don't think I do anything revolutionary that is worth pinning, the blogger standard of worthiness.
So why write? 
Because it's fun.  It's an outlet for practicing my writing (the adage "if you don't use it, you loose it" applies to seemingly everything).  It's a scrapbook--to see outfits I've worn, deals I've scored, injuries I've incurred, books I've read.  It's something I can't (easily) loose and helps me remember what fun things I'm doing and fun house tips I'm practicing.
This isn't going to be a house-keeping blog, even though that is one of my "passions" I'll be sharing about.  It's not going to be a fashion blog, though I really enjoy clothes.  It's not going to be a review blog, but I can promise I'll blab about things that I use and places I like.  That leaves me in the "lifestyle" camp.  Yep, I'm there.  Will it have a fluffy nature?  Oh I promise.  Remember, the deep stuff I'll talk about, but not here.  Or, maybe sometimes here! But overall, this blog is dessert. Not exactly necessary, but a whole lotta fun.

So I'm hopping on with both feet onto the lifestyle bandwagon.  I love reading blogs, and think they are so fun!  I call it the "blogger koolaid" but I love getting my new nail polish color recommendations from other bloggers (OPI Cajun Shrimp) and picking out what books to read.
Here's to more frequent blogging!

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