Monday, March 17, 2014

meal plan | march 16-20

Lunch:  Leftover skinny dirty rice
*The dirty rice was super tasty.  I had a heavy hand with cayenne and also used Tony's seasoning for some heat (bell peppers = death for me), added corn, and made a tomato gravy base that I mixed everything in.
Dinner:  Southwestern Chicken Soup
I don't think I've posted the recipe, but this is a staple!  It is a bit different every time, but basically:
  • Prepare, *season, and shred chicken breasts
  • While the above is going on, cook garlic and onions.  Season these as well.
  • Add chicken and more chicken broth
  • Add a can each of (rinsed well) black beans and kidney beans, and add frozen corn
  • Simmer for a good long while
  • Serve with chips or cornbread, and shredded cheddar.  Sour cream also works.
*I season with cayenne pepper, fresh ground black pepper, chili powder, and cumin.

Lunch:  Kale salad (shredded carrots and kale with roasted chickpeas and broccoli tossed in a lemon-basalmic dressing), yogurt, and an apple
Dinner:  Baslamic chicken with walnuts (Cooking Light recipe), cibatta rolls, roasted brussel sprouts, spinach salad with strawberries

Lunch:  Kale Salad
Dinner:  Leftover soup or chicken

Lunch:  Kale salad
Dinner:  TBD

All meals TBD

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