Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A weekend High

Lots of my friends always talk about “going to Highlands” and this weekend I finally experienced Highlands myself!

I took Friday off of work to do some other work (haha). I ran some miles (in our 100% humidity, sheesh) then worked on some projects before rendezvousing with my friend A. We gathered up the essentials (birthday cake, wine, and dinner fixins) and got on the road. I always thought it was a super long trek to Highlands (it IS in North Carolina) but it only took two hours. That is still messing with my head, but then again I’m SUPER directionally challenged.
Cecelia's Cakes always need to be buckled in.
 Once arriving at the (awesome) house we unpacked and got organized (A and I often laugh at how similar we are—if something really blesses me I know it really blesses her, if something is ticking me off I can bet she’s annoyed too, same ways of giving and receiving…it’s uncanny) and started dinner. Of the group that came up we took dinner on Friday and some other girls took care of Saturday, and A and I covered breakfast. A made some GREAT biscuits, and I contributed eggs (I can do some mean scrambled eggs…seriously. I won’t order them in restaurants because I know mine are better.), turkey bacon, and a green salad. Once everyone arrived we feasted and played Apples to Apples.

The next morning the early birds (that’d be A and I) got up and made coffee and set out breakfast. Once we all got going we went for a stroll, then headed into town to get lunch and check out the city. Hangry got the better of most of us and we inhaled a decent lunch (with a horrible server), before heading back to watch the game and read. Hiking was off the table because of DOWNPOURS so it was nice time inside before having some tasty fish tacos.

On Sunday we woke up, packed up, then hurried home (again, RAIN) to work on our to-do lists and get ready for the week. I maintain that I’m a beach lover, but this sweet little retreat just north of home was just that—sweet! I am definitely hoping to get back to enjoy some hiking.

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