Monday, September 8, 2014

reunions are the best.

On Friday my best friend (who currently lives in NYC) came to town and man, did we have a good time. It's fun to send absurd Instagram comments and texts, but the most fun is had face to face. She got into town right after I got off of work on Friday and we had fun getting ready for our big night out (and I introduced her to the delightfulness of peach beer). Our night looked like Creature Comfort-Last Resort-Speak Easy-Insomnia Cookie-Waffle House. Seriously. We were not eating heavy anywhere, just getting small appetizers as we went along our way. Well, until Insomnia Cookie and Wa-ho. For this girl who doesn't eat many carbs, let's just say I still feel bloated (cookie and waffle, I'm giving you the stink eye.
We didn't have peach beer here, but Creature Comforts is pretty tasty.

I don't even like cookies, but enthusiasm is contagious.

I eat at Waffle House once a year. This makes twice.

We tried to watch Frozen when we got home but quickly fell asleep, only to start Saturday bright and early. It was 6:45 a.m. and we were lounging around, waking up and N goes, "it's so early!" while I go "it felt great to sleep in!" #differentstandards We went to Mama's Boy-farmer's market-shopping-Ted's Most Best-more shopping. N did a fantastic job of supporting the local economy, and I found a necklace at Frontier that is riding the line between "want" and "need."
Because I know she'll appreciate this, please note who's tanner. Haha.

I don't like radishes either, but I do like their color.

This may be my favorite outfit I've ever worn. And I'm majorly wanting N's outfit.

After she went on her way I went to the pool where I devoured a novel, before wrapping up the evening hanging out with my new/old roommate. Sunday brought a 12-mile run (11 miles ran, 1 walked), 30 minutes of pool time, reading, house work, and church.

This hill. I was 10 miles in and I thought, "I can handle ending on that hill from h*#$." #rundumbs
This morning I tried to do an interval run before ab work and methinks that ending on that hill from h*&^ was a mistake. I was SO shaky trying to wrap up my exercises that it was pitiful. Here's to a banner week!

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