Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Weekend

During the summer I normally run before 8 a.m., or at the latest get started on a weekend run by 9 a.m. This morning I got distracted around the house and didn't get going until 10.  Oh.  my.  gosh.  I checked the weather when I got done sweating to near-death (obvi not death because I'm here typing this) but it was 82 with 75% humidity, and "felt like" 88.  No kidding.  I think it "felt like" 100, but whatever.  What killed me though is that as I got back to my car (looking like I had gone SWIMMING) this girl runs past me and into the gym without even a sweat.  What the what?

Yesterday I tried to cross-train at the Botanicals.  Between while tripping over a root and having a man shush me as I rounded the corner because I disrupted his filming of a bug "dropping her larve" (yes, disgusting reading that as hearing it yesterday), the mud pits, mosquitoes the size of quarters, the freshmen boys who didn't understand that as they are walking side-by-side 4-across on a path that it wouldn't hurt to give a bit and not run me off to the side, and the rain, I was done.  I'll look forward to going back in a few months when bugs are dead and the mud is dry.

That's all I got this weekend.  No fashion posts because honestly, runs cut into getting ready time and they've had priority M-F.  I have done a ton of work around home, but nothing is picture ready yet.  All weekend I've been busy getting paperwork ready for a group I volunteer with, but that's hardly photo-worthy.  I haven't cooked anything this weekend more complex than a block of frozen spinach with some cheese.

Yay for weekends!  Seriously.  But yay for fun work weeks too!

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  1. They should make a separate botanical gardens for serious athletes. I'm more in the 'walk 4 abreast' camp and always feel guilty for hindering people trying to get their run on. A little separate but equal parks wouldn't kill us here, would it?? Haha.