Thursday, July 11, 2013

summer mode.

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago about running in the rain and I was advised against it.  I have a lot of hair, the roads get slick, etc.  I heeded this advice, and was prepped to stay away from running in the rain.

On Wednesday I head out for my mid-week long-ish run.  The air is heavy, but the weather app just says that it's foggy, NBD.  I take off and get going.  Two miles in and WOOSH.  Down.  pour.  I was at the point where I was the furtherest away from my car, and I assumed that it'd blow over.  It didn't.  I made great time on my miles because I was so flipping miserable!  The rain mixed with sweat to completely blind me.  My too big running clothes were not staying on.  The worthless lifeproof iPhone case was separating, making me worried I was about to drown my phone.  I felt like I had an additional 10 pounds on my head (sodden hair).  The roads were slick.  Cars were threatening to waterfall me.  Whine, whine whine.  I get back to my car, and it stops.  Running is my favorite stress reliever, but I'm pretty sure I had anti-endorphins in my bloodstream I was so grumpy.

Running is going well.  I keep hearing that if you want to drop a ton of weight fast, run marathons.  I'm trying to couple that desire with not wanting to kill my knees, and up my mileage gradually.  Patience has not been my friend in this regard.

I'm house sitting all over the place right now (yeah!), and my favorite part of this is that I get to run in some awesome neighborhoods.  Awesomeas in great new scenery to run alongside (and not having to drive somwhere to run), and awesome as in killer new territory.  If a neighborhood has "hills" in the name, this should indicate that you will probably want to die at some point during your run.  I know I sure did.

I'm in full-on summer mode now that the magic of June is over.  Summer for me has been meaning--
  • Waist bands are negotiable. I cannot remember the last time I wore trousers other than leggings to run in.
  • Summer dresses are always appropriate.
  • Skirts are now high-maintenance.  They haven't really been on the rotation because of the amount of thought it takes to pair them with a blouse. 
  • There is a difference between "fancy" flip-flops vs. "around the house" flip-flops.  The first is worn far more often than cute sandals, espadrilles, or even chacos.
  • Home time is rare.  I house-sit a ton (yeah!) and accordingly, I'm rarely home.
  • Cooking is optional.  I can't remember the last time I made a meal that was more complex than eggs.  I baked blueberry bars this week and I think my flour box may have had dust on it for lack of use.
  • My hair is on vacation, even if I'm not...I have stopped blow-drying my hair M-F.
  • Sharpening the mind--I'm (finally) reading a ton.  
  • Overpriced gym visits.  I figured out my sporadic gym visits are costing me about $10 each because I'm going so infrequently (I'm running outside instead).
 So basically summer Diana is a lazy cook wearing dresses.


  1. A lazy cook wearing dresses AND RUNNING IN THE RAIN. And don't forget kayaking!

  2. This is pretty much how I feel during summer too. A moth ago I was missing my work clothes and now I'm dreading putting them back on!