Saturday, June 29, 2013

verbal heave

 Let's just call this a verbal heave.  Not verbal vomit, which would imply there being some substance here, but instead a heave.  Not too much substance, but that's all I've got right now.

Last week was my busiest time of the year at work.  I survived (obvi), had awesome help & support, it was a great event, and now I'm done with it for 10 more months.  Most everything else I do professionally was pushed to the back burner, so I spent this week getting my office back to order.
This is my file organizer.   Each of the "areas" I support gets a box, for the most part.
I support seven people directly, and a tower that high would probably fall and crush me.

Every year I have to bring in an 8-foot table to accommodate all the extra stuff.
It's thrilling on the day after the project ends to spring clean away all that stuff.  #ilovetopurge

I've picked up a delightful phrase from a co-worker, "I've got nothin."  She, an English major, knows that it is not proper English.  I know that it's not a grammatically correct statement.  But that doesn't mean that I don't love it and use it frequently!  Fun around the office, but I'm scared that friends and people not associated with work think that I'm an idiot.

Because of working a TON of over time I had a half-day off on Tuesday.  What did I do with my big afternoon off?  Organize my blogs, Pinterest boards, and draft emails.  But this week wasn't a total wash.  The school group I'm starting had an open house on Tuesday, and Thursday I went to Terrapin with the girls.  Speaking of delicious, a certain delicious food group is no longer part of my diet for the foreseeable future--fried food.  Ever since Bali having ANY fried food has resulted in highly uncomfortable stomach problems and cramps that double me over.  What's next, an aversion to ice dream?  Oh wait, that's happened too.  I just don't know who I'm becoming.

Bestie and I keep sending each other pictures in the morning of our outfits each day:
Last week.
Now, don't be concerned "she's wearing a lot of color, is she sick?"  Last week at work I had to wear certain colors each day (well in the morning I had to wear a turquoise t-shirt over my top then I changed in the afternoon).  Well, I didn't HAVE to wear a certain color each day.  But it's more fun to be a team player.  And you know who has only three red things in her closet--this girl.  And who's okay only having 3 red things in her closet--this girl.

This week.
Back to normal--white, gray, blue, black, and stripes.
*The sunglasses picture was because I had to replace my prescription ones that the river ate while kayaking last weekend.  
**And I was actually wearing capris that day because I had to do so much moving and cleaning in my office.  Aside from running shorts, that's the only time I've worn shorts/pants in weeks.  Yeah!

Off to run!

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  1. I got nothin is the totally redneck way to say it.