Thursday, June 6, 2013

fashion week, summer edition, part one

When you work with fun people, fun things happen.  Like fashion week.  Erika and I seasonally dress up particularly cute for a week, take photos of each other, and then blog about it.  Fun, right?  RIGHT!   Added elements of hilarity are when we're 1.) caught by our co-workers, 2.) attacked by birds, 3.) realize that twirling is not the most appropriate thing for ladies of our age.

Regardless, here's summer fashion week!  I like summer fashion week more than winter fashion week because if you haven't been able to tell yet, I.  love.  dresses.  And cardigans.  And not wearing pants.  The summer wardrobe > than my winter wardrobe.  This fashion week is a welcome distraction in the mornings during an incredibly busy work season.  So while I'm loosing some hair this week, I'm at least looking good.  I hope.


I don't wear color.  Well, I used to not wear color.  I was at Gap a few weeks ago and came across this yellow dress with pockets and fell in love.  HARD.  But y'all, it's YELLOW.  Like, "lookatme, lookatme, lookatme YELLOW."  When I was getting ready to wear this I was going to pair it with a navy blue cardigan and bubble necklace, but it was just too much, so I toned it down with the oatmeal and brown pieces.  Baby steps.

Outfit:  Dress, Cardigan & Belt--Gap | Necklace--Made by my grandfather | Shoes--Clarkes

So one of the reasons I fell for this dress was because it twirls.  
Not that I should be twirling.


I don't like wearing pants, but I knew that I'd have to be on the ground a lot Tuesday, so hence the (baggy) capris.  And have you noticed featured prominently in all these photos is my friend shingles?  Oh, if you get in a bind/drop something important it's fun to say "oh shingles."  Maybe it's only fun to say if you have them.  

Outfit:  Cardigan/Cami/Pants--Loft (A side effect of having a fried brain right now is being unable to mix up the brands, apparently.  Oh well).  |  Necklace--Sam Moon | Shoes--Clarkes


I also paired this outfit with a lavender cardigan. I know, SOMUCHCOLOR.

Outfit:  Shirt--Gap ($2.45, holla!) | Skirt--J.Crew Factory | Shoes--Clarkes (where else?) | Scarf--present from Italy | Necklace--present from Katie


  1. So cute every day! I love the yellow and tan together, I'm always up for a little twirling :)

  2. I love that yellow dress! I would have definitely snagged that up too =)
    This Ever Evolving Life

  3. I came over from Erika's blog. I love the yellow dress! And that necklace! So awesome that your grandpa made it. :)

  4. I don't know if you know this, but you look FANTASTIC in yellow. Seriously. Your color, girl. You are killing it in that dress! Liking these fashion posts, and the new hues in your wardrobe for reals.