Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Five.

**I'm not linking up anywhere, because I'm honestly too lazy to go find places/buttons/etc. to link with.  I do though, recommend Lauren Elizabeth's High Five for Friday.  It's fun.

1. I ran this morning with no pain.  It was slow.  It was flat.  But I was running!  Well, more like jogging, but let's not get caught up on the details. 

2. I have had something every single night for the past almost 3 weeks (church-work-guests-birthday celebrations-catch up time-etc.).  Loneliness is clearly not going to be an issue with living alone. 

3. My new face wash involves sulfur, and yesterday I did an apple cider vinegar treatment on my hair...I was not smelling so wonderful.

4. I'm getting a new planner at work and it is going to be fabulous.  It's personalized!  I just need to choose my cover now...

5. Last night I went to buy light bulbs and wreath bases.  Easy in, easy out. One would think.  This excursion ended with a text saying, "Wal-Mart failed me, and Target confused me."  Wal-Mart did not have the bases, so I knew I'd need to run to a craft store that closed at 9, and I had about 15 minutes.  I quickly went to where the light bulbs had been a while back and they were not there, so I ran out.  I got to the other store, grabbed my bases, and then went into Target.  Y'all.  Lighbulbs shouldn't cost $14.  Right??!!??  Right.  I'm all about good stewardship of our planet, but the stewarding of my bank account says "why would you pay $14 for a lighbulb for a lamp that may actually break before this bulb burns out?"  So 10 minutes and a dramatic sigh later, I find a marginally-overpriced version of what I need.  Sorta.  Till I get home and realize I could have gotten a higher wattage.  Oh well.

Light bulbs and lentils...I'm ending these on strong notes.

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